Choosing cofounders, designing unstructured time, and planning our future hybrid model

I actually co-founded two startups in 2020…

In 2020, I decided it was a better time to found a startup than to move to the UK to go to graduate school (which I wrote about here). Like so many people in the world, our team would be working remotely. Much has been said about its pros and cons — but what would it be like to navigate the earliest days of a startup completely online?

After recently announcing our startup, Compa, I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past few months for anyone considering founding a startup remotely. In short, it is absolutely possible with…

Some thoughts on navigating extreme uncertainty, and a little career update.

The Remarkables Mountain Range, New Zealand

We had big plans, and in February, we set them into motion. I accepted my offer to London Business School and informed my manager and my team that I would be leaving Workday to pursue my MBA. My wife began searching for UK-based roles, and we bought our one-way flights from Seattle.

By August, everything had changed. The pandemic began and worsened. Right in the middle of it, we were thrilled to learn we are expecting our first baby. After months of deliberating and monitoring the fast-changing conditions, and evaluating how starting a family could fit into our plans, we…

Charlie Franklin

Co-founder & CEO, Compa | ex-Workday, Juniper, Mercer

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